Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have a lot I want to talk about tonight- First, I will start by making reference to Michael Jackson. M.J., passes away almost a week ago- and we probably will never hear the end of it. Honestly, I do not like having him be what dominates the news. and HONESTLY- People are making a lot of money because of his death... It's getting too intense.

Secondly- I realized how fucked up my family is- I will keep this short. They are some of the most inconsiderate and disgusting people I have ever met and it is an embarrassment making reference to them as my family.

Thirdly- I taught a cool class today. Butts and Guts. One of the regulars made an Innocent yet somewhat rude comment about how my other class was way better and this did nothing for him. In which I replied, he must not be doing the stuff right. Naroline, one of my girls told him it was rude of him to say that in which replied it is constructive criticism and that I can learn how to have a better class because of it. Naroline made a nasty comment that he surely heard- "Clearly someone feels the need to battle and prove his masculinity in the room." (something along those lines) lol. I walked away- I didn't want to be involved. Come to my next couple of classes I am subbing!!!! Mucho Funo!

My body is in so much pain, and I hope that my brain can start remembering important info- especially choreography. This dance intensive in combination with daily life is kicking my ass!

And let me just say- Money is running LOW!

Oh Yea!!! Thorgy made it to ROUND 3!!!!! Vote every 24 HOURS!!!


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