Friday, July 3, 2009

The Timez

The dance intensive is finally done!!! no more early mornings!!! well kinda...

Michelle and I went to grub at Blue Moons- it was just what we needed. We ate EVERYTHING!

So, I realized today- I have yet to get caught up with TRUE BLOOD- this is an issue- I have just been so busy!!! :(

But I am gonna watch it tonight.

Speaking of which- if you have yet to see this video, now is the time

I went to a church like this most of my life- I dealt with 'similar experiences' as well. This lady sounds all types of ignorant- and i would like to clarify... The definition of lifestyle is a cyclical pattern... there no pattern when it comes to being a man who is mentally, physically, and spiritually attracted to other men. People don't "recover" from being gay- nor can therapy or exorcism change someones sexual orientation.

And speaking from someone who grew up in a church- it is very likely a gay person will come to a church and say, "I don't want to live this way anymore." and get "delivered". People like to get a feel of a church and test things out. So the statement " we welcome all the gays in- they just can't love their lifestyle in our church and they have to get delivered," well... it sounds all types of wrong. Lets not forgot, Christianity teaches one important thing- and that's love- and in my opinion, love is lacking in most churches nowadays.

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