Monday, July 19, 2010


As I just put this on my status on facebook- I am too young to have people I know from high school dying-

Strange enough, I have been thinking about death a lot lately. I was going to post WHO- but I realized that's a no go.

My girl-twin posted this:

It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.- Elisabeth Kuble

And I have been thinking this for a couple of weeks- I get told often about my assertiveness with life- both positive and negative comments... But honestly- WHY NOT?!?! 'grab life by the horns!' 'you only live once' and all that shit. lol

I had a lot more this say on this but- I feel like it might put me in a strange mood for the rest of the day. ( though there already is this CRAZY storm outside.

I really hope people DO know- nothing is promised, esp life- so take advantage of the one you have now.

stay positive.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Online Deals

If you know me, you know... I have an online shopping addiction. Sometimes... It's under control, and others it's a lil insane-

BUT one thing for sure- everything I buy- I usually get it for a great deal!!

and that is why I am posting a link for

"The Guiltless Purse is a never ending sample sale of designer bags and jewelry. We continuously offer the best prices on handbags and jewelry. We carry very limited quantities of each purse, bracelet, necklace, pair of earrings, belt, etc. and they sell out very quickly. We constantly put up new designer bags and accessories, so check back frequently to snag a deal!

Unlike other sample sale sites, we do not require membership, this site is open to anyone who wishes to find a great deal on the web. We differ from non membership discount sites as we only sell bags and accessories."

I got to personal speak with the President and founder of this business and she sounds AMAZING!!!

Though myself nor my drag persona purchase bags and never really indulges in jewelry, if we did, this would be the site to use... So CHECK it out!!!!! SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! with NO guilt!!

Because I am already in shopaholics anonymous.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amazing song- I can relate right now

I just wrote a long post- and then I deleted it accidentally.... le sigh.

So instead of RE- posting everything

I will post the lyrics to Christina Aguileras song- You Lost Me
It doesn't encompass my whole situation, but its a start

I am done, smoking gun
We've lost it all, the love is gone
She has won. Now it's no fun
We've lost it all, the love is gone

And we had magic
And this is tragic
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself

I feel like our world's been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We found our life's been changed
Babe, you lost me

And we tried, oh how we cried
We lost ourselves, the love has died
And oh, we tried, you can't deny
We're left as shells, we lost the fight

And we had magic
And this is tragic
You couldn't keep your hands to yourself

I feel like our world's been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We found our life's been changed
Babe, you lost me

Now I know you're sorry and we were sweet
But you chose lust when you deceived me
You'll regret it but it's too late
How can I ever trust you again?

I feel like our world's been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We found our life's been changed
Babe, you lost me

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My Macbook was dying so I had to go buy a new one :(

I am working on making sure this computer feels like mine, because it so does not feel like my baby, LiLu. I just bought a red case for it, hoping that it will help.

Wish me luck with my new Macbook Pro- Lilu 3 better be FIERCE!!!

Also, I got an ipod touch... I just have to find a reason for having one. I also ordered a red paul frank case for it as well- at least it will be cute :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I just finished watching the documentary- MacHead and all I can say is wow. Cult-like indeed

I actually got my first mac when I was 19- it was a gift from my boyfriend at the time. I was so ANTI-Mac, as I was a PC user my whole life.

I fell in love with my Mac without even know it.

THEN I needed to get an mp3 player for the dance and fitness classes I was teaching- I had to get an Ipod, I just could NOT mismatch products- lol

Granted I do not have an Iphone, Ipad, or Itouch- I am content with my Mac and Ipod... though I do crave the other items sometimes. :P

Brand loyalty is an amazing thing- and Apple is deff trying to make sure their market is geared towards adolescents and young adults- as they are far more reliable to be LIFERS to products... scary, but it's working

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you are a youth you identifies as a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or straight ally (what a mouth-full) You might want to go out this weekend and party it up- at Center Lanes Gay Prom

I Have been involved with Center Lane for many years now and THIS event you do NOT want to miss-

Food, music, performances, drag kings and queens, and fierce flawlessness!!!

You do not want to miss out on this RED CARPET event!!!

It will be held at the Polish Center, 92 Waverly St, Yonkers NY- FREE PARKING- tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door- for more info, please call the office of Center Lane @ 914.358-1006

This is a safe space. No drinking, smoking, drugs, or violence of any kind will be tolerated- PLUS- I Will be there... and I will shut you DOWN if you break any of our rules. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

this is how I feel sometimes

Yes grl

wamp wamp

So I decided broadway might be cute... lol

I performed a contemporary ballet piece today. Wasn't perfect.... but who cares, perfect is boring-

The studio I danced for is like half dance half karate- it made me realize i need a man who knows karate in my life... it's kinda hot

I have a drag performance in like 6 days and I need to prepare for that! I actually need to add fabric to my outfit since my chest is soooo big! barrel chested motha fucka!

my fig and heels r fierce

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show Time

Since I have been watching glee- I really have been missing the musical theater nerd I used to be. I always wanted to be an actor/singer/dancer..... well, first i was an actor, then a singer... and now, a dancer. A hardcore dancer.

Singing is not my forte'- THOUGH, I do love it! Acting? I love acting... I'm just too gay, and all the parts I have gotten have been been mean or gay men! lol

Dancing is where I am now- and when I am not dancing, I am choreographing for a group or class. I miss when I was working hard for something big (besides college stuff).

I used to have STAR quality- I still do! However- I was a performer from the get- and I miss that-a triple threat who served it up... winning awards for singing and dancing and being acknowledge for my acting abilities... :(

Maybe i should join a recreational club or performance group??? I mean granted, there is always broadway!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


People always say that physical activity can change ones mood- and I here to say, HELL TO THE MUTHA FUCKIN YEA!!!

I have been dealing with a lot of crap the past couple weeks. And physically I am not sedentary, but I wasn't doing my usual routine of ballet, modern, teaching, and running around trying to be on time to everything. :) Plus or minus dealing with peoples shit.

Today I got to the gym and did an hour on the elliptical (which I have never done in my life). I have done 30 minutes of one thing and maybe 15-25 of another- but this was my first. Afterwords, I was stretching- which I rarely do-- which is sooooo bad being a dancer and an athlete!!!

Part of my motivation for going to the gym and doing this is my new job at a library. Not the most active place in the world.

But with my workout plus a BIG healthy salad- I feel oh so good. One of the workers at the library said- "jeez, Davon! Life ain't that bad, is it?" sarcasm at its best.

I'm all smiles and nothing can stop me!!! I miss this feeling of working out and reaping the CHEMICAL benefits of physical activity!

It's recommended we get at least 30 min a day of physical activity- go get yours bitch!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gimme a TUNE!!!

Sometimes we really have to do something that is totally not US!

Like ME- Davon "D" Chance- dancer, student, aspiring make up artist, and DRAG SUPERSTAR!!!

Since the dance school I teach at is on vacation and the camp they hold is for babies (not my forte' when it comes to dance) - and since I HATE having too much time on my hand.... here I am working... at a LIBRARY! lol

People have laughed at me and said things like, "Wow, how NOT you!"

But funny enough, when I was younger I always envisioned myself working at the library. You know, when I was younger, the library was MY hang out spot... I would wake up saturday morning- head to the library, read, take out some books, head back home and on my way back- buy a coffee (light & sweet, like me) . All this when I was about 8.

Well here I am!!! Freezing... and kinda bored. But something has to help my online shopping problem. I would feel terrible shopping online during work. Just like I would feel horrible NOT working at all BUT shopping!! Gotta give in somewhere.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Lavon Gittens, making his way to the top!

Support and purchase his book.



Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nicki- this is exactly how I feel

Men get on my fucking NERVES!!!

Im in a tricky lil mood- I trick these lil dudes- I tell 'em that I luv 'em, but I neva really do- see I like pretty shoes, and I like pretty minks- and I like sight seeing the pyramids, and the spynx- he cop italian pieces so I do the fist pump- and I can only push it if the trunk is in the front- if the trunk is in the back, then you gotta take it back- you could hit me on the jet- ichat on the MAC-see I am who I am, Davon C. muthafucka- if he say he not a fan, he a lyin' muthafucka, always shopping in Pari (Ebay) so i speak a little french, wee wee raggady- time for you to hit the bench... baisez-vous

Is there such a thing as a good man?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just finished watching the Buffy The Vampire series...

I love it- I remember the first time I watched it. It was on the WB11 and it was a Sunday. I had to have been in 4th grade. I fell in LOVE and it is still a big part of my life!

After watching my first episode, I remember blowing up a balloon, drawing a vampire face on it, and fighting it throughout my living room.

I wanted to be the slayer

This was and still is my favorite show- nothing has been able to replace it.. sorry TrueBlood, Heroes, etc...

Maybe I just have a thing about heroics! I was a huge batman fan when I was younger!! Maybe I just wanted to do him, jk. There is just somethign about being sworn to protect the innocent... I am all about it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love! ????????????????????

So... everyone who knows me, KNOWS how I feel about men, relationships, love, and marriage....

Men (and women) we all want and need different things... sometimes these don't match. Most of the times these things don't match. The majority of relationships are not ones we intend to be in, but what society tell us they should be. In my opinion, the media, movies, books, and even fairy tales are the standards of many relationships... no wonder why the divorce rates is so high. Which leads me to marriage... ayayayay. So I have heard 'marriage changes everything,' I am not sure about that because I have NOT been married and I don't have the civil right yet either, lol.

On a funny note, an old teacher of mine in High School said, 'why would the gays want to be miserable like the rest of us by getting married!??!!?'

I get it now though.

Many people who get married get married for the wrong reasons, same thing with relationship- platonic AND romantic. Ex's of mine as well as friends seem to assume relationships are what they need in order to have an inkling of happiness, to cure loneliness, to feel secure.

People forget that happiness, security, and being content starts from within (as cheesy as that may sound)

How can you hope to have a relationship filled with growth and prosperity when you are not willing to grow and prosper on your own. In the wise words of the beautiful RuPaul, "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

This statement can not be more true- one most be happy and love oneself before they decide to join in a partnership (whether that is a relationship, marriage, pairing, or friendship). Because if you fail to do so how can you expect for someone to happy with you.

Misery loves company- and with the way many relationship are- it scares me to think about being in one-

I'd almost rather stay by myself alone. My friends are great and they understand where I am coming from, but really! To be committed to someone? To be romantically involved with someone? To TRUST someone? Aayayyayay.

But then I wonder- is it possible to love someone without society dictating what love is and how one shows it? Can I be happy with myself AND with another person, are THEY going to fuck up MY flow? Can someone truly love me for me?

I might be willing to risk all of this... I might. Not everyone is ready for this and many might not ever even want this... I guess it's all just one big journey. I hope that what you all want is exactly what you need.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schools OUT for SUMMER

As the end of the semester is near, here at SUNY Purchase- I can't help but to be ... RELIEVED. Yet still confused and nervous. I shall miss the idea of SCHOOL!!

For most of my life I have been THAT kid. The one is was always so excited to be at school. Probably because it was an escape from my home-life, church, and my crazy family.

Anyway- summer plans are up in the air: Traveling? Baltimore? Lake Placid? Florida? Dance intensives? WORK?

Only time can tell- I will prob deff make a youtube vid wherevea I end up so ppl can "know" what I am up to

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been so busy lately and have yet to post anything- Crazy semester yet again.

However- those of you who are RuPaul Drag Race fans- I have an announcement- Jade and I are auditioning! We'll see what comes of this- to see our audition vid click the link below

Drag Me to Hell

Hope you enjoy- and don't be afraid to comment! xoxo

You WILL be hearing from me soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Make Up Forever competition: Classic Divas Look- Grace Jones

I entered into a Make Up Competition via

The competition was to recreate a classic diva look: The selection was between Iman, Diana Ross, and Grace Jones. I decided to do Grace Jones. Mainly because she is fierce.

Take a look and let me know what you think?

JADE raps!!!

25 random facts about ME!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Positive - New Years Wish

Here we are, a new year, maybe even some new goals or resolutions- either way, Everyone wants to have an amazing year and grow as people- kind of interesting

The turn of a new year shouldn't really change the way people think or live there lives. C'mon, if you notice something in your life is not what it should be- right away, think about it and brainstorm some new ideas or tactics to living a more improved life. Why wait for the NEW YEAR?!

Everyday live life to the fullest- as cliche as that sounds. Try new things, try meeting and getting to know new and different people-you will be surprised what you might learn.

One thing I have learned is that I tend to let my anxieties get the best of me... I might cry and even have dreams about them. This is all very new to me... So I am trying to be more positive and mentally open- rather then defensive and paranoid.

So let's grow together, EVERYDAY, little by little- no one can change or improve over night- but just know we are ALL on a journey. We can get there together! :)