Monday, June 15, 2009

"GEIT IT" a comprehensive guide to dancer vernacular

p.s. i know 'GET' is misspelled - helps with the dancer accent : )

FIERCE (adj.)
1.) Extremely impressive in the execution of given movement, steps, combinations, or ‘ography
2.) Describing one who is capable of serving tha kids repeatedly

WORK (v.)
1.) Succeeding in Slaying, Gaging, or Serving tha kids

SLAY (v.)
1.) To overwhelm an audience or fellow dancers with a feeling of arousal, and astonishment

GAG (adj.)
1) To literally silence the audience into awe by inducing a gasp for air
*Can be achieved by getting the leg up

1.) The general public (Not to be mistaken for a specific age group, it may or may not include actual youth. )

SERVE (v.)
1.) To blow away onlookers and haters
2.) To unanimously win over audience support in competition.
*Often used in conjunction with ‘Tha Kids’ [i.e.] “He served tha kids!‿

VOGUE (v.)
1.) A specialized walk popularized by homosexual males and shameless heteros. VOGUEing is an art form in itself. Today it often includes dramatic poses, switching of the hips, hiking of the knees, snapping of the fingers, a dramatic spiral to the floor and the vocables “gat gat gat…"

TWIRL (v.)
1.) To become so engaged in dancing that you pull off numerous turns, unprecedented balance and uncharacteristically high legs

TILT (n.)
1.) Extension of the leg to the side at no less than 180° resulting in the torso becoming parallel to the floor.

1.) An unfortunate condition of the foot resulting in lack of plantar flexion and an unappealing line.
* Can be overlooked if you have a tilt or are proficient at getting the leg up :)

1.) Opposite of biscuits, but no guarantee to fierceness

YES! (adv.)
1.)Acclamation synonymous with “Good Job"
*Must be used in excess, and is often accompanied by finger snaps

MS. HONEY (n.)
1.) A proper noun that identifies any person showing fierceness or Divatude, not gender specific.
*Often preceded by Yes…!

MAJOR (adj.)
1.) A one word summary for anyone possessing many fierce qualities
*Don’t be afraid to use ‘bitch’…"that bitch is MAJOR!"

FACE (n.)
1.) Showing attitude or fierceness by ways of exaggerated facial expression [I.e.] slitting of the eyes, pursing of the lips…
* Not to be used with conjunction words [I.e. instead of syaing “She’s giving me FACE‿ just say "She's giving FACE!" ]

any act of selfless performance. In most instances, a dancer will GIVE anything they can. [i.e. "he was GIVING me leg, face, annnnd drama!" or simply "I was giving..."]

SLEEP (v.)
to underestimate one's ability or talent. If someone's dancing inspires everyone but you, you are SLEEPING on them. Wake up and smell the fierceness!

an expierience, often the result of a battle, where one person out-serves another. If someone has COME for you, all parties are aware, but to add insult to injury tha kids will state the obvious...i.e. "damn, she just CAME for you"

A competition of sorts where two or more dancers duel to be the best, often pulling out tricks, turns, legs, and of course stank face. The winner recieves a spot on the highest point of the gossip totem pole. [i.e. "did you see A and B BATTLING? A just CAME for B! Just SLAYED her!"]

EAT (v.) to feed off the talents of others to the point where you surpass their skills. or to feed on the challenge of a specific step in order to execute it to the best of your ability.
ex.] "ooooh! you saw him? he just ate that audition UP!!!"]

BEAT (adj.)
1.) To be completely transformed by makeup.
*Having your face beat for class everyday will result in people thinking you’re on your death bed if you show up to class one day without it on.
Usage: “Her face is BEAT‿

SHADE (n.)
1.) When a person/people you know, and may even consider a friend, blatantly neglects to acknowledge your presence. SHADE can be thrown or given...
*i.e. "ooh child, I waved and she aint wave back. She was throwin' me shade."

a condition where you take on a sour or mean expression. Some people display stank face unconsciously. Stank face often finds companionship with SHADE

READ (v.)
Synonymous with reading a list, but instead you are reading a person. Verbally pinpointing and listing all of someone's negative qualities, even the unspeakable ones like BISCUITS.Can be an akward situation when someone finds out about you READING them behind their back

short for Choreography
Synonyms: CHOREO

WHACK - adj. of or relating to someone's ridiculously flexible, turned-out, or otherwise fierce body. "Her body's freakin' whack." or "she is WHACKED out"

OPEN - adj. referencing one's ability to externaly rotate via the hips. (aka one's turnout or ability to fake it by displaying their fkexible facility.)

HYPER - adj. short for Hyper-extension, or one's ability to push their knees beyond straight to 'backwards bent'

The "T" - on par with 'word on the street,' the T is your unlimited source of information from news to gossip! if there's something you're dying to know, simply ask a socially savvy friend "Hey diva, what's the T??"

HOT MESS (adj.) a hopeless condition where one may feel like he is FIERCE, maybe even SERVING THA KIDS. It is more likely that he is serving nobody's step and jenky technique. Beware of the HOT MESS - he is usually spacially unaware and will try to take you out of the game!
Synonyms: BUSTED

And don't forget
Extremely thin/near emaciated which, in the dance world = the more bones, the better
"That bitch is SNATCHED!"

and just in time for the Holidays...

everyone knows the Grinch is the master of thievery. In the dance world, watch yourself for this lurking green figure who will come and GRICH your part if you don't know the step!
"Damn. he just GRINCHED your part man."

So to all my dancers, and dance lover- remember-


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