Wednesday, June 17, 2009

VOTE THORGY- rupauls drag race

To add to the insanity of life... I am having some painful ankle issue. I woke up 100% intending on take a fucking ballet class (even though I can not find one of my ballet shoes) and the first step I take I almost fall to the ground. I think a tendon on the medial part of my ankle is aggravated or something, which sucks- I was supposed to take a Ballet class at Central Park Dance, THEN take Cardio Kickboxing and Strip Tease at The Loft: Dance and Fitness!

Why am I ALWAYS getting hurt- out of nowhere?!?!

And I really am having a hard time finding a good part-time job- which is strange because I have never had issues finding jobs... lol I am a true starving artist now!

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~*DaVoN*~ said...

So as of now, my ankle feels a whole lot NO BALLET, but I will take kickboxing and strip tease... YAAAZZZZZ!!!!!