Monday, June 29, 2009


First and foremost- My coffee date? It was cool... this guy happened to be a well known drag queen- he was really nice- and just really

SUNDAY- Pay Pride Parade- mucho funo, I walked with Center Lane- which was also a good time. I am surprised I still ahve my voice because I was SCREAMING sooo much- I met some cool people, I even got spanked and got someone's number, owww.

BUT- The craziness at the Pier... disgusting- Hood Rat BITCHEZ. Boys with booty shorts and their thongs up to their rib cage- not cute! Fights! Supposedly their were gun shots at the pier, I think they were just fire crackers- but someone in front of me deff pulled out a box cutter... tryna cut a mo'. I had to get out of their, my head was ACHING!

But today! I am enrolled at a modern dance intensive here in Westchester. It's held at Steffi Nossen School of Dance in White Plains, with the Dimauro Dance Company. We are doing technique classes, learning rep, and even creating rep. We may have a showing, who knows... that would be cool.

Afterwards I taught a BOOT CAMP class... Since I walked in the Parade, hung out in the city, and danced from 10-4, I thought I was going to die- BUT I was fine, yes ENDURANCE!

Then a lil BBQ with some neighbors and a few glasses of Merlot, perfection.

I also thought- I am involved (not sexually) with so many gay men, women and all those in between. And I am such a celebrity here in Westchester and many other places, why not right a book about all my gayness and all the people and scenarios I have been involved in (take this as you will). It would be called, "My Life on the Gay List"

lol. Just an idea I came up with in the shower. I guess I will scribble some stuff down- : )



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