Monday, June 7, 2010

Gimme a TUNE!!!

Sometimes we really have to do something that is totally not US!

Like ME- Davon "D" Chance- dancer, student, aspiring make up artist, and DRAG SUPERSTAR!!!

Since the dance school I teach at is on vacation and the camp they hold is for babies (not my forte' when it comes to dance) - and since I HATE having too much time on my hand.... here I am working... at a LIBRARY! lol

People have laughed at me and said things like, "Wow, how NOT you!"

But funny enough, when I was younger I always envisioned myself working at the library. You know, when I was younger, the library was MY hang out spot... I would wake up saturday morning- head to the library, read, take out some books, head back home and on my way back- buy a coffee (light & sweet, like me) . All this when I was about 8.

Well here I am!!! Freezing... and kinda bored. But something has to help my online shopping problem. I would feel terrible shopping online during work. Just like I would feel horrible NOT working at all BUT shopping!! Gotta give in somewhere.

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