Tuesday, June 8, 2010


People always say that physical activity can change ones mood- and I here to say, HELL TO THE MUTHA FUCKIN YEA!!!

I have been dealing with a lot of crap the past couple weeks. And physically I am not sedentary, but I wasn't doing my usual routine of ballet, modern, teaching, and running around trying to be on time to everything. :) Plus or minus dealing with peoples shit.

Today I got to the gym and did an hour on the elliptical (which I have never done in my life). I have done 30 minutes of one thing and maybe 15-25 of another- but this was my first. Afterwords, I was stretching- which I rarely do-- which is sooooo bad being a dancer and an athlete!!!

Part of my motivation for going to the gym and doing this is my new job at a library. Not the most active place in the world.

But with my workout plus a BIG healthy salad- I feel oh so good. One of the workers at the library said- "jeez, Davon! Life ain't that bad, is it?" sarcasm at its best.

I'm all smiles and nothing can stop me!!! I miss this feeling of working out and reaping the CHEMICAL benefits of physical activity!

It's recommended we get at least 30 min a day of physical activity- go get yours bitch!!!!

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