Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nicki- this is exactly how I feel

Men get on my fucking NERVES!!!

Im in a tricky lil mood- I trick these lil dudes- I tell 'em that I luv 'em, but I neva really do- see I like pretty shoes, and I like pretty minks- and I like sight seeing the pyramids, and the spynx- he cop italian pieces so I do the fist pump- and I can only push it if the trunk is in the front- if the trunk is in the back, then you gotta take it back- you could hit me on the jet- ichat on the MAC-see I am who I am, Davon C. muthafucka- if he say he not a fan, he a lyin' muthafucka, always shopping in Pari (Ebay) so i speak a little french, wee wee raggady- time for you to hit the bench... baisez-vous

Is there such a thing as a good man?

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