Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show Time

Since I have been watching glee- I really have been missing the musical theater nerd I used to be. I always wanted to be an actor/singer/dancer..... well, first i was an actor, then a singer... and now, a dancer. A hardcore dancer.

Singing is not my forte'- THOUGH, I do love it! Acting? I love acting... I'm just too gay, and all the parts I have gotten have been been mean or gay men! lol

Dancing is where I am now- and when I am not dancing, I am choreographing for a group or class. I miss when I was working hard for something big (besides college stuff).

I used to have STAR quality- I still do! However- I was a performer from the get- and I miss that-a triple threat who served it up... winning awards for singing and dancing and being acknowledge for my acting abilities... :(

Maybe i should join a recreational club or performance group??? I mean granted, there is always broadway!!!

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